Bho Hoong village stay

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Did you know that Vietnam is home to over 54 different ethnic minorities, each with their own distinct culture and customs?

Visiting one of Vietnam’s fascinating hilltribes is something that many travellers wish to have, yet few operators do properly.

Located amid the spectacular scenery of the Truong Son Mountain Range in central Vietnam, about 80km from Danang Airport, Bho Hoong offers intrepid travellers an insight into the way of life of one of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.

Bho Hoong Bungalows is a collaborative venture between the project organisers and the former king of the Co Tu people, Yi Kong. Guests are invited to stay in traditional stilt bungalows, observe the traditional practices of the tribe, have adventures in the surrounding countryside and join in with the evening’s feasting and dancing. Activities on offer are a great mix of the cultural and the adventurous, ranging from crossbow shooting to handicrafts, trekking, and motorcycle touring, while revenue from the project goes directly into educational, health and environmental initiatives. Tourism is kept at a manageable level by deliberately limiting access to the village.

Far from being rough and ready, the bungalows themselves are very comfortable – boasting high-quality linen, private balconies, en suite bathrooms and traditional Co Tu d├ęcor.

Through their careful planning and excellent sustainable credentials, the team at Bho Hoong Bungalows has devised a way to bring prosperity to the Co Tu community without commodifying their culture or paving the way for a mass influx of gawping tourists. This is cultural tourism the way it should be done!