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Nha Trang, a coastal city in the South of Vietnam, enjoys its reputation for the gorgeous beach and majestic ranges of mountains. For a long time, this beautiful city has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam for both local and foreign tourists

This city is about 450km to the north of Saigon and 1200km to the South of the capital city Hanoi. In accordance with some historical documents, Nha Trang used to belong to Champa Kingdom under the name Kauthara before being discovered by the French when they invaded Vietnam a century ago. Dating back to that time, this city was no more than a poor fishing village with an uncovered beauty like a gift from Mother Nature. It came as no surprise that the French invested in Nha Trang’s potential to transform it into a resort town for relaxing. Even though, some works from Champa time still remained today typically the Po Nagar Tower being situated not so far from the city center

When coming to Nha Trang, we could not miss the amazing coastline surrounding the town. The beach here is 4km long which runs along one side of the city which makes this place naturally beautiful and convenient at the same time. The long shoreline, combined with the evergreen mountain, paints a stunning big picture seen from above the bay. One more thing that make people fall in love with this tourist hub is the calm and clean beach where they can close their eyes enjoying the sunshine or swim in fresh salt water.

The sceneries do not include only the beach but also splendid waterfalls around the city such as Ba Ho, Fairy Spring, Thap Ba and Yang Bay where you can do some sightseeing, swimming or having bath with mud which is said to be good for health. These waterfalls are around 30km far from the city center which would take tourist a day to discover. On the way back to the central, you are likely to catch some moment of sunset on Tran Phu Bridge with view of a lot of fishing boats inside the embrace of hills and glowing sky. That would totally take your breath away.

Another draw to this city is scuba diving in Hon Mun Marine where shallow waters makes it perfect place for learning how to dive and joining with a variety of colorful marine species under water. Besides, sailing, surfing, parachuting on the sea, biking tours are available at reasonable price for visitors to choose from. Another interesting option is Vinpearl Land Nha Trang located on Hon Tre Islands which is regarded as Disney Land in Vietnam. In order to reach this entertainment hub, visitors must get the cable car linking the mainland with the theme park and resort built by a big cooperation in Vietnam.

After a long day full of activities, night life in Nha Trang would not let you down. Along the shore is Tran Phu Streer lined up with beer clubs, bars, pubs full of merry people. Those chilling hubs vary in style, from casual to high-class rooftop bars or lounges of 5-star hotels and open even after midnight.


Nha Trang retreats tourists with a lot of specials to offer from spicy street food to elegant dishes in high-end restaurants. It would be a huge mistake if visitors miss fresh seafood here. Nha Trang is also home to most well-known fish sauce in Vietnam which plays an important part in cuisine culture of this country. Bird’s nest soup is another special with bird’s nest collected from the wild on farm or islands around the bay. Some foods in must-try list are rice vermicelli with jelly fish, grilled beef, pork rolled inside rice paper and fish patties.

Nha Trang has a stable mild weather which makes it favorable to visit in anytime of the year. But if visitor really yearn for water sport, it is ideal to come to Nha Trang in the period between January to August to enjoy wonderful weather to sunbathing, swimming and other outdoor activities. Diving, however, would be perfect in spring month from February to April since it is the time when many kinds of coral blossoms


What to eat in Nha Trang

Coming to Nha Trang, tourists will be amazed at its delicacies, mostly from various kinds of seafood. Nha Trang is well-known for producing the highest quality with best flavor fish sauce in Vietnam, thus, fish sauce plays an important role in the secret recipe of cooking Nha Trang’s specialties and making dipping sauce.

Among many dishes, grilled fermented pork roll, grilled beef, rice vermicelli with grilled fish and jellyfish, fresh seafood are most favorite. In addition, the swallow’s nest soup – with bird’s nests collected from the wild, is regarded as the best in Vietnam. Read our introduction to 5 cannot-miss food in Nha Trang for more ideas.

Some must try cuisines in Nha Trang includes: Cha ca (Fish patties), Cua (Crab), Nem Nha Trang (Nha Trang pork rolls).

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